1. Rats in her library again

  2. Sights and sighting in, the targets are a go

  3. The crashing weight of the first flaw

  4. Falcons in the Mist

  5. Aethyrs and flesh

  6. Phantoms of the plains

  7. Breath of the void

  8. Phantoms in the garden

  9. A red book, with more to see

  10. By the river again

  11. Twenty-two and you

  12. Invitations, and a chymical wedding

  13. Consult the fifth aethyr

  14. Do not miss thee

  15. Rise, children of winter!

  16. Magick

  17. Invocation of the witch wood

  18. Voices from the void

  19. nothing but a solar myth

  20. Beyond the broken and the shells

  21. Bitter Harvest: live from the flat lands, vol. 1 (1993-1996)

  22. Hymn for the morning queen

  23. Castaways and janglethorpe

  24. 20th century flyboys

  25. I am bent, I am near broken, I am frail, and I am the name of the Lord

  26. This purple mountain

  27. Likely to be eaten by a grue

  28. Masters and madness, esquire

  29. nothing good will come of this

  30. Dance alchemical

  31. Soundtrack for lost causes

  32. And then the angels sing

  33. Maligned transmissions

  34. Less infinite than not

  35. LIve bells, bleeps, whistles

  36. Black sun skyline

  37. The Jester of the Aethyrs

  38. Unbaptism of the dead

  39. Serpent at the end of the rainbow

  40. Installation of the angle

  41. Evoking the night (Live at WZRD, '97)
    Universal Laundry Collective

  42. Exploitative holiday album

  43. Lamentation celebration

  44. Three fires from the furnace

  45. A brief history of monsters

  46. Gaze into hells beyond hells

  47. Down uphill way

  48. Invoke often, or vote with blood

  49. Temptress of the Field

  50. An elefant man

  51. All things in untime

  52. Goddesses of Mars

  53. It will all be triad

  54. There is no compromise in the heavens

  55. Overtones and insinuations

  56. The Wine and Fury of His Wrath

  57. Dried Hotter Howls

  58. The noise is confused

  59. Miscreant Theater

  60. Downward looking in

  61. Light the myrhh darkly

  62. Death in the halls of the dying

  63. The call of the black aire

  64. 33 1/3

  65. Post-apocalyptic Spirtuals

  66. The Voice in the Void

  67. i can fuck you from space

  68. a gardener by chance

  69. Adorations of the God from Hell

  70. I can hear your house from here

  71. Babe in a blank egg

  72. Shoeless and bibled black

  73. All curves

  74. To enter Atlas, fly!

  75. Slipstream dream

  76. Tea-time and Florentine eyes

  77. Black bag therapy

  78. Orbits within orbits

  79. Shemhamforash in microtime

  80. The axle and the wheel

  81. The complicated attributes of the visible universe

  82. The Black Mill Grinds Pure

  83. Spirit voices and the moon

  84. Damnation echoes against desolation home row

  85. Fighting for the unreal

  86. Tales of Dusk, Song of Dawn

  87. Things I worshiped in your absence

  88. Further from you than the now

  89. Music for dark skies

  90. While you were sleeping in black

  91. Loam and regret

  92. Seven through each heart

  93. It always comes back to thirteen

  94. Making stars

  95. The fade of the haze

  96. In a place of weirding

  97. music for employee morale in industrial spaces

  98. Automatic Musick

  99. The morning star

  100. How to acquire the art of flying

  101. Cry the spheres to sleep

  102. Understood rather than expressed

  103. Stairs and infinite space

  104. Arise, king of glass and tear!

  105. The year that tried to live

  106. And smiling, I only smile as I bury the corpses of the dead

  107. Curses and this purple mountain, mine

  108. song of the god of nothing

  109. An ersatz rebellion

  110. Now that I am coyote atonal

  111. Crabgrass and pentagon smiling

  112. Alchemy of memory

  113. Perhaps a final fright
    Improv or Die

  114. Dreaming and dying
    Improv or Die

  115. End Run
    Improv or Die

  116. All hallows
    Improv or Die

  117. The latter is under consideration
    Improv or Die

  118. Three years ago today
    Improv or Die

  119. Hail Croatan!
    Improv or Die

  120. Craters of the Moon
    Improv or Die

  121. Improve or die
    Improv or Die

  122. Goodbye Summer, Hello Kitty!
    Improv or Die


Robert Furtkamp Pocatello, Idaho

A bad person with bad guitars playing really outside weird twenty years gone. Are we not men, or free jazz, or weird noise, or just clueless? Your call.

Recorded improv-style, pseudo-live (no edits to tracks, either it's good or the whole session is pitched), one pass at a time with old, forgotten gear.
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